Profile Byron Hoffman

Byron Hoffman

AGE: 42


STATE: Missouri

CLASS: Men’s Hunter

BOW: Matthews C4

ARROWS: Gold tip 30x


STABILIZERS: Chris Adams special


BIO: My dad taught my brother and I how to hunt at an early age. If you are willing to open your ears and close your mouth, a person’s never to young or old to learn. I am a hunter first foremost, I have taken many animals, to stay sharp during the summer months, I shoot archery tournaments, they are good practice. Local shoots are fun, but I really enjoy the big shoots. It’s a bigger adrenaline rush to make that perfect shot, kind of like when you have a critter in your sight. It’s a great time, the healthy competition with friends is always fun. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to have won several shoots, when I practice I shoot quality shots not quantity, always laugh and have fun, but focus when it’s time to make the shot. I always show up with the “I’m going to win this” attitude.

THINGS YOU LIKED ABOUT REGIONS ARCHERY: I like the scoring system Regions has, with the center 11 and low 12 in play. I also like how Regions shoots every other target. I hope to see more people come out and shoot regions in the future, practice is practice.

1st Place in "Men's Hunter" 2016

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