Profile Lonnie Nicholas

Lonnie Nicholas

AGE: 51


STATE: Missouri

CLASS: Senior Known

BOW: Mathews Chill X Pro

ARROWS: Victory Hr 350

SIGHT: Axcel 3000



BIO: My name Lonnie Nicholas. I grew up in Moscow Mills, Mo. Graduated from Troy Buchannan High School in '83. I married my wife, Karla two years later. We have three children and four grandchildren who enjoy archery as well. I am currently working logistics at Saint-Gobain Certainteed Manufacturing in Jonesburg, Mo. I was introduced to archery in grade-school. I started shooting competitively at the age of 20. Shooting 3D target competitions really caught my interest, and has been my primary focus in archery. I am currently a member of the St. Louis Bow Hunters, NFAA, and USA Archery, where I am a level 3 coach. About 5 years ago, I had the opportunity to start teaching the art of archery while continuing to compete. I have worked my way to the Senior Known class, and am sponsored by Mathews, Bohninh, Victory Archery, Ripcord, and Axcel. I have won multiple ASA State Championships; as well as, placed at ASA National Championships. My most recent acomplishment was placing 1st at Regions National tournament in Branson, Mo.

THINGS YOU LIKED ABOUT REGIONS ARCHERY: Things I liked about Regions Archry are that they are staged in the Midwest with good facilitation of events, and a nice challenge in the course layout.

1st Place in "Senior Known" 2016

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